Yüksek Lisans's in Educational Sciences

University of Latvia

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Yüksek Lisans's in Educational Sciences

University of Latvia

Yüksek Lisans degree program in Education Sciences offers students possibilities to widen and deepen knowledge in philosophy of education, sociology, psychology, comparative research, research methodology, adult education, multicultural education, in human behavior and education.

The program is based on student-centered approach, which focuses on students’ learning process, development of their responsibility for results in learning and research. It gives students the possibility to develop individual skills to carry out research, to summarize, to analyze, to evaluate research results as well as to present them during the defense of Yüksek Lisans Thesis. During studies students obtain skills to work with information, to analyze and evaluate it, to form a personal view and to express it.

The program is multidisciplinary, thus promoting the development of general, specific, research and interpersonal competencies. This approach supports and favors students’ actions in the development of their theoretical concepts, critical analysis, and evaluation of different processes in education.

Graduates are prepared to do research in different fields related to education and for doctoral studies in education sciences.

Program modules

According to the student’s choice (chosen module), it is possible to carry out research in educational leadership, changes in education, development of educational environment, socialization processes, social inclusion, aspects of multicultural education, adult education.

Program courses

Yüksek Lisans’s degree program "Educational Sciences” curriculum

Study period and classes time

The full-time degree program covers 2 or 1.2 academic years. The part-time degree program covers 2.5 or 1.5 academic years. Part-time students travel twice a study year to the University of Latvia to have an introduction to the courses, to get tasks for completion of the courses, to discuss the completed tasks. The communication with teaching staff is organized via emailing and Skype.

Career opportunities

The MA degree in Education Sciences enables the graduates to have a number of job opportunities at institutions of secondary and higher education, public administration agencies, non-governmental organizations, the EU structures and other related fields.

Admission requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree or a diploma proving an equivalent level of education from an institution of higher education. If the previous education was obtained in 3 years, the applicant may be admitted for the 2 years (Full-time) or 2.5 years (Part-time) Yüksek Lisans’s degree program; the applicant with a 4 year Bachelor Degree may be accepted for the 1.2 years (Full-time) or 1.5 years (Part-time) program.
  2. English language proficiency.
  3. Applicants must submit a motivation letter which reflects the reasoning of the chosen master’ s program and CV.

Autumn Intake (application start: 1 Jan 2018; studies start in Sept 2018)

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